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hi, i have a question.

i'm pretty new to php. i have 4images on my website (www.snapflash.net/4images) and i've been trying my hand at editing its php files. lately i've been adding a bunch of modifications just for fun, and they all worked except for this one:

i did a bunch of edits to install something that would allow users to send each other private messages and basically, something screwed up really badly.
i'm getting these strange errors about headers whenever i log in or open my administration page (go to www.snapflash.net/4images/admin, you'll see what i'm talking about). i can't even run the modification installer because that has errors too.

the guy who wrote this is insisting that his mod could have NOTHING to do with sessions or logging in, but none of this was happening until i installed this mod.

these errors are confusing the hell out of me, since i really never touched the files that are coming up with errors. is there something i could have edited wrong that would mess up my headers and stop a log-in? :-\

i'm sorry if i was kind of vague about anything. i'm totally lost.
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