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newbie with a question ^_^

I happened to come across this group in a search for communties that are involved in PHP scripting, and joined up because I reeeeeaaaally need help doing PHP scripting ^^;;.
I'm new to it, obviously. I am a web-designer / master, and currently am building and designing the website for the Our Lady of Visitation parish and school, and they want me to create a section of the site where the teachers and the Monsignor will be able to upload students assignments to the site. This is so the students and parents may go online and check to see what assignments are due.
But, accourding to other programmers on DeviantArt, in order to allow them to do this, I need to use PHP.

Now, I've downloaded PHP Nuke 6, unzipped it, but where do I go from there? I'm not seeing any exe files anywhere.
Also, do I need Linux in order to create Perl scripts?

**sighs** I am so confused! Heeeeelp!!! Please!!

I definetely know I'm going to be posting quite a lot on this journal ^^;;!

Thanks ahead of time!

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If you understand French at all, get the program at - this will install apache, mysql and php on your local windows machine so you can test stuff on it. :)

Then, don't go with php-nuke. Have a look at hotscripts for e-learning scripts first, as that will be closer to what you need to start out with.

php nuke


November 10 2003, 18:11:45 UTC 13 years ago

do you have somewhere to upload to? basically you need a web host that supports PHP and mySQL (for the databases). you'll need to upload the files and folders as they are and install from the browser. But I think brassfire is right, you might want to check for something closer to your requirements perhaps. - irishblue
and no you dont need linux to use perl there is a good windows version called Active Perl. good luck =)